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“If any muslim plants any plant and human being or animal eats of it, he will be rewarded as if he had given that much in charity”

Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (PBUH) Said:

Giving matters


Your generous support helps sustain the college founding mission of accessibility and educational excellence, ensuring CBFian’s bold future. We encourage you to give to the areas that are most meaningful to you.

Did you know? Your Giving in CBF can:

  • Increase the affordability of a CBF education.
  • Connect more students to real-world and global experiences, anticipating how they will live and work.
  • Ensuring that the College is able to recruit and retain a stellar faculty who lead academic excellence.
  • Fund faculty and student-led research so we can nurture great ideas and their outcomes.
  • Allowing the College to continue to provide majority of the deserving and needy students with scholarships.
  • Educate socially responsible students from diverse social & cultural backgrounds and ensure that students can avail a world-class education regardless of their ability to pay.

About CBF Funds

Your contribution to College of Banking & Finance allows us to provide access to world class education to a large portion of students who are ready for higher education, but due to socio-economic backgrounds are unable to do so. In doing so, you can play your part in national development by allowing College of Banking & Finance to educate future leaders who are locally grounded but globally aware.

Your contributions also allows us to engage leading scholars from across the globe to foster meaningful research and ensures that we are able to provide a cutting-edge learning environment.

Message from Iqbal Ali

In the Memory of My Father An ardent believer in the power of education, Dr. Mahfooz Ali, was born to a modest family in a small village in Mainpuri District of Uttar Pradesh, India. He received his early schooling from his father, Moulvi Ahmed Ali, a teacher and an imam of the village masjid. Education beyond the elementary stage was a challenge as students had to go and attend school in the City of Agra. It was even a bigger challenge for a family with meager economic resources. The journey of post secondary education took him from a small village to Agra, Aligarh, Nashville and Los Angeles. He would narrate numerous stories of his memorable journey that happened during the historic time of the creation of Pakistan and its early years. He would stress that though much of it was due to his hard work and dedication to acquiring knowledge it would not have been possible without the benevolence of several individuals and institutions as he came from a very humble background. This help would come in the form of boarding or lodging and/or in the form of payment of fees and dues at schools and colleges. The end result was it enabled a boy coming from a very modest background to earn his MA & PhD in economics from the top US universities and becoming one of the leading economists and educationist of the country.

While narrating his stories he would stress how these acts of generosity changed his life and enabled him to become a helping hand of this society. He would impress upon us that if you want to invest then educate the people for only education has the power to bring about a change and improve the lives of masses. CBF was his last academic venture to provide a high quality of education at reasonable cost to the people while helping economically challenged deserving students. We at CBF request your partnership by sponsoring our students to become the future helping hands of our society.

Various Donation Options

Student Scholarship

A Student scholarship is a form of financial aid for students at College of Banking & Finance. Scholarship applicants are awarded based on a demonstration of academic aptitude, merit, personal character, and financial need. For more information on scholarships, visit the Scholarships page on our website.

Advance Knowledge

In a remarkably short period of time. CBF has taken its place in the ranks among all affiliated from University of Karachi. Your gift will sustain and build momentum in this critical area. How will we build momentum? By supporting and building our world-class faculty. This means more endowed professorships, career-development professorships and visiting professorships It also means providing education support for people thinking and working “outside the box,” and facilitating collaborations. With continued support, we can build upon these successes, and generate new ideas in fields across the country.

There are many ways to build knowledge at CBF:

  • Endow a professorship for a faculty member in an area of academia that is meaningful to you.
  • Support a visiting professorship to bring great minds to CBF for a temporary term to share their knowledge
  • Support fellowships for deserving students, whose energies and fresh ideas help strengthen both existing and new areas of inquiry.
  • Support a specific research project that is important to you, or that advances the agenda of your corporation or foundation
  • It will be used as needed to support research, conference fees, travel stipends, and more.

Enhance Student Life

CBF students grow inside the classroom—and outside of it.

In student council and organizations, community service projects, artistic and cultural pursuits, campus-based and spiritually oriented groups, students learn to set strategy, build effective teams, and organize and run events. And in the process, they have fun, develop their values, and build friendships that last a lifetime.

Our student activities are largely funded through CBF’s annual operating budget. The creation of an endowed Undergraduate Student Experience Fund will ensure that, even in lean budget years, students can continue to dream big, and pursue good ideas—and that no program’s positive impact will be curtailed. The College library & computer lab is filled with so much more than books. They are great places to work, or collaborate quietly with computers.

Donor Recognition

We are delighted to recognize the generosity of our donors in a variety of ways. This may include an invitation to join the prestigious events.

The distinction of membership of the College of Banking & Finance is conferred by the College Committee on those who have been outstandingly generous towards the College.

Greater openness and trust can transform the relationship between the college and its donors. By this building the high level of trust, CBF, together with the strong support of socially responsible donors such as yourself, will be able to continue fulfilling the important vision of developing ethical business leaders.

How to Give:

Thank you for considering giving to College of Banking & Finance. There are many different ways to support this unique initiative. This site also allows you to give online. Explore the other options in the following, or simply contact us to discuss options at

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