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Why Choose College of Banking & Finance?

The College of Banking & Finance is affiliated with the University of Karachi, ranked among the best world.


It is situated in the city of Karachi the hub for business, trade and commerce of Pakistan. A diverse, dynamic, and friendly community to call your own. Caring faculty who include both domestically and internationally qualified individuals mentoring students to qualify for 3 degree level and various certificate programs. CBF has grown from a meager 20 students in 2006 to a sizeable student population of over 400 in the three degree programs with an alumni basis of several hundred graduates who continue to transform communities across the globe.

University of Karachi with its rich heritage, strong alumnae/i and being only one of the six Pakistani Universities to be rated internationally through its public-private partnership, affiliate program, offers a great opportunity to students who are unable to get admitted to the main campus. The support of University of Karachi enables the affiliates to offer the lowest cost BS/BBA and B.Com Programs in the City of Karachi compared to other privately held and chartered degree awarding institutions while maintaining high standards. The guidance and monitoring of Karachi University ensures strict adherence to the standards and delivery of quality education to build successful careers by preparing the students to meet the challenges of the corporate world.


Welcome to an amazing place filled with unparalleled opportunities, interesting and engaged minds, and a richly diverse campus community. From here, you can explore the College of Banking & Finance and take an in-depth look at the amazing opportunities awaiting students like you. Although it is impossible to capture in just one word or sentence, the CBF difference is substantial. A College whose faculty and teaching have a national impact. Affiliated with an internationally ranked university and a passionate and notable alumni making a substantial difference in every profession. A campus community and college location that form one of the most interesting places to learn and pursue academic excellence. As you begin the application process, this is where you will come to understand the CBF difference, what truly sets this institution apart and places it in the league of the country’s best colleges. You will find your place in it, too.


  • Affiliated with University of Karachi ranked as one of the top universities in the world.
  • Recognized at the Celebration of Innovation & Leadership Award awarded to Karachi University Business School as Asia’s Best Business Schools by Suntec-Singapore by Prof. Dr.Pirzada Qasim Raza Sidiqui, Vice Chancellor of University of Karachi.
  • Selected by the Faculty of Management Sciences-University of Karachi as the leading college for the study and implementation of Quality Enhancement Cell, University of Karachi on behalf of Higher Education Commission.
  • Represented on the Standing Committee on Higher Education of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • College of Banking & Finance ranked as one of the best values in private colleges for 2016 for offering highly ranked professional degree programs at costs below Rs. 250,000.