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Academic Calendar

A calendar of academic and co-curricular activities during an academic year shall be called ACADEMIC CALENDAR. The academic year shall be divided into two semesters each of 17 weeks duration. There will be an inter semester break of one week and vacation of nine weeks at the end of each semester. The pre finals for the College will be conducted during the last week of the semester. The final exams by the affiliating body, University of Karachi or the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi, will be conducted during the nine weeks’ vacation period.

Credit Hours

A credit hour is defined as regularly scheduled time spent each week in class for lectures, lab work, or practical work. If a course consists of two theory lectures and one lab or field work hour per week, it will be deemed of two plus one, i.e. three credit hours. Independent theory or laboratory / practical courses could also be given comprising a workload of 3 Credit Hours. However, lab courses shall not exceed 40% of total credit hours of all courses offered per semester.

Cancellation of Admission/ReAdmission

  • If a student admitted in BS 1st year, BS Third Year (Old MBA Program) class or B.Com. Part I and II for the first time fails to attend the class for the 15 calendar days, his/her admission shall stand cancelled. If a student absents himself/herself for 15 consecutive calendar days during the semester without any information, his/her admission shall be cancelled. Re-admission would be granted in the same semester by the Dean on the recommendation of the Chairman if he/she can complete his/her attendance requirement.
  • If a student is unable to continue his/her studies, his/her admission will be treated as cancelled. He/she may however be re-admitted after the payment of prescribed fee in the same semester where he/she had left. The Dean on the recommendation of the Chairperson would grant permission.
  • If a student is unable to continue his/her studies and needs to cancel the admission he/she will be required to clear all dues to the college including the complete payment for the academic session/semester enrolled.



An attendance of 75% is necessary in each course for a student to be eligible for Terminal Examination in the relevant course.


Attendance shall be counted from the date of starting of the semester and not from the admission date.


Attendance shall be marked as per credit hours of a particular course for both theory and lab.


Original attendance register is to be submitted to the Chairperson for record and future reference.


Student called for National duty such as participation in Olympics, National Games, inter-varsities, and going to perform Haj would be given exemption in attendance for the actual period of national duty/Haj. These cases would be decided individually.


The candidates admitted will be enrolled upon payment of the required enrolment fee within due date, fill in the enrolment form and submit it along with the following documents:

You will need :

  • Original marks sheets of the Higher Secondary (Intermediate) examination passed for BS/BBA (first Semester Admission) and B.Com students. Original marks sheet of Bachelors’ Degree or attested photocopies of the Bachelors’ degree and marks sheet for BS/BBA-fifth Semester Admission (Old MBA Program) students.
  • Photocopy of National Identity Card.
  • Attested Photocopy of Matriculation Certificate, along with the original certificate. Original certificate shall be returned after verification.
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
  • Students who have completed examinations from a Board or University from places other than Karachi Board or University of Karachi, will be required to have a Migration Certificate from their earlier Board or University.
  • Students who have passed their requisite examinations from private and foreign university and foreign boards (GCE ‘A’ Levels or International Baccalaureate) are required to obtain equivalence certificate from University of Karachi and/or Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).

Category of Students


A student enrolled in a class either through admission or promotion for the first time shall be known as a regular student.


A student who has completed the attendance requirement, but is declared failed/absent in any course will be called repeater if appearing in any subsequent regular examination.


A student who fell short of attendance or failing in 3rd attempt in a particular course and is attending classes of that course in order to complete attendance requirement in the next available chance shall be known as casual student. All such students shall pay the prescribed fee after due permission from the Chairperson/Dean of the faculty.


A student failing in his degree program within the specified period shall be called Ex-Student. The student must get the enrolment extended/re-validated by paying prescribed fee to clear remaining courses for the completion of the degree program.

Interpretation of Semester Rules

The decision of the Deans’ Committee would be final for the interpretation of Semester Rules. In case of any appeal Deans’ Committee would dispose it off on its merits.

  • All semesters shall consist of six courses each including one Project/Research Report in eighth Semester for the BS in Business Administration Program. A total of 48 courses having 144 semester credit hours shall be completed for the award of BS in Business Administration Program with a minimum of 2.45CGPR.
  • Admission to BS in Business Administration Program (First Semester) and B.Com is granted upon completion of Higher Secondary School (HSC).
  • Admission to BS in Business Administration Program-Fifth Semester (Old MBA Program) is granted upon completion of a two years Bachelors’ Degree (BA/B.Com/BSc).
  • Each course is of 45 contact hours (including hourlies).
  • The Bachelor of Commerce program is an annual program and shall be in accordance with schedule announced by the University of Karachi.

General Rules and Regulations

  • A student shall be assigned an enrolment number for identification throughout his/her stay in the University.
  • The validity of enrolment shall be as follows:
    • For BS/BBA (4 Years Program) students 6 years
    • For BS/BBA (2 Years Program after Bachelors Degree-Old MBA) students 4 years
    • For B.Com students 4 Years
  • A student unable to complete his/her degree requirement within the validity of his/her enrolment will have to re-validate/extend his/her enrolment for not more than 2 years by paying a prescribed fee with the permission of Chairperson and Dean.
  • Student who wishes to join the University after a break, shall have to get new enrolment in the University with the permission of Chairperson and the Dean.
  • Extension of re-enrolment will be allowed by Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of Dean & Chair-Person as a last chance for those students who are short of aggregate/short of CGPR or fail in a maximum of two courses only.

Awards will be communicated to the students through the notice board at least 2 days before submission of the result. All scripts shall be returned at the end of the semester.


In case a representation about evaluations of examination, practical etc. is made to the Dean through the Chairperson of the Department, the matter will be decided by a committee consisting of the teacher of the course and three senior-most teachers of the Department including the Chairperson of the Department who will preside over the Committee and will send its recommendations to the Dean of the Faculty. The Dean’s decision will be considered final.


In case of calculation errors in total marks submitted earlier, the correction may be incorporated by semester Examination Section on the production of certified photocopy of the answer script and other relevant material duly attested by Chairperson and the Dean. No application for such rectification shall be entertained by semester section after 15 days of the declaration of official result by the University.


A student, who fails even once in any paper or repeats a paper because he/she did not take it in the first chance, will forfeit his/her right to any position in the final examination.